WOD 11092014 “Elizabeth”

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NOT the QUEEN, but the CLEAN

Like many of the “Girls” there is a story and a little bit of controversy with “Elizabeth”. Let’s take care of the basics and then get into some of that other stuff. This is a task specific WOD, a classic CrossFit couplet utilizing the now familiar 21-15-9 format. Hit ‘start’ on your stopwatch. Do 21 Cleans, 21 Ring dips, 15 Cleans, 15 Ring dips, 9 Cleans and 9 Ring dips. Hit ‘stop’. Regardless of all the noise about how to walk away from a WOD, feel free to flop to the ground and moan a bit. We won’t tell.

So what’s a Clean? Here’s where the stories come in. Originally, like 2003 originally, “Elizabeth” was demonstrated as a Power Clean, and Jeff Martin (an original OG, lord of Brand X, and a way better friend to Newbies than anyone because he offers 5 scaled version or so of every WOD, including this one) confirmed this in a conversation with Coach. Fast forward just a little bit to 2005 or so and all of a sudden there’s a video of “Elizabeth” with Cleans, full squat cleans, and now we have “Elizabeth” and “Power Elizabeth”. Your call. There’s a really cool video of Josh Everett, I think, doing them back to back. “Elizabeth” is waaaaaay meaner than “Power Lizzie”.

A “Clean” per the FAQ is lifting the weighted bar from the ground and catching it in the front rack position in a full squat. A “Power Clean” is lifting the bar from the ground and catching it in the front rack position in no more than a quarter squat. If you do not have a very good deadlift you should consider doing HANG cleans or HANG power cleans, starting each clean while holding the weight with your arms hanging in full extension. How about weight? 135# is not really all that heavy if you are strong; if not this one should probably be around 50-60% of your 1 rep max. There is no “official” woman’s weight, but many non-Games women (and some superstars) regularly do this with 95#. This is a sprint; err on the side of lighter and faster.

Ring dips. Just what they sound like. A full dip using gymnastic rings, one in which your elbows are at the level of your shoulders at the bottom and your elbows are fully extended at the top.

This is a sprint; the stimulus being sought by the mad scientists behind the curtain is speed. Power. Move the load fast and don’t stop. Wanna do it as Rx’d because, well, because? Sure. Just remember that a 12:00 “Elizabeth” as Rx’d is a way different beast than a 4:00 one with 95#.

Written by “Bingo”



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