WOD 04052015 “Dutch Fallen Heroes” (dodenherdenking)

Today’s WOD (na inspiratie van CrossFit Rewind)

Memorial WOD 0405 “Dutch Fallen Heroes”

Partner WOD

With a Partner

Buy In:

500m Brancard walk (Omaha beach width 500m)
take two barbells 20/15kg add weight on barbells to 60kg total
Stand between the barbells and hold them on waist height.

Then for the remaining time:


4m Rope Climb (Pointe du Hoc 30m Cliff Climb)

30m Weighted crawl (stay low for bullet impact)
B-Plate M=25kg F= 15kg

3 x 5/10/15 meter Sprints with kettlebel (re-supply)

8 Plated Burpee Box step over M=24″/20kg F=20″/15kg (re-supply with obstacles)

9 Ground to Overhead M=60kg F=45kg (approx. 70yrs D-Day)

* Partner A starts with Rope Climbs, then B with crawl etc.

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