Skinfold measuring and parking cars

Dear Atletes,

We have two things to inform you about.


Our neighbor from Etaloid (the company in front of us) has kindly requested that we don’t park our cars on his terrain. Most of the time you can park on our own terrain, but in case it’s full or we’re doing a WOD outside, we would like you to park at the big parking-lot by the former discotheek “Challenge”. Thanks!


img_1588Like we posted on our facebook-group, we’ll be measuring skinfolds today from 19:30. Both Jeroen and me (Sebas) will sit in “The Office” 😉 and measure atletes till 21:30. After the measuring you will receive a piece of paper with your skinfold measurements and a internet-address. At that internet-address you can fill in your measurements and then you’ll get an indication on your body-fat and lean-body-mass. You can sign up in WODapp for free, if you haven’t done it already.

If you are also interested in starting on a free 21-days food and training program. You can apply via . If you sign up today the program will start 6 days later (Monday). You’ll receive daily emails with assignments what you need to do to make the program work.

By the way: PHP stands for Personal Hormon Profile and it can help you looking beter naked 😉

This program is a basic program, but if you would like a more personalized program, you can set up an appointment with Jeroen or me (Sebas). For a personalized program there will be added costs.


Sebas (& Jeroen)

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