Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 5

How are you doing? Feeling good? Are you getting the hang of this new way of eating?

Or maybe you’re feeling discouraged?

If you’re having trouble staying on track, remember this:

You’re only one meal away from being back on the plan.

Please read that last sentence one more time. If you eat something that you shouldn’t, please don’t beat yourself up and throw in the towel. If you had a weak moment and ate a slice of pizza it’s not cause to give up. Get back on track and make your next meal great. Protein, veggies, good fats. You can do this!

You really can.

But here’s something to think about.

Making lifestyle changes are hard. In fact, most people’s attempts at changing lifestyle and diet are met with failure. I’m not saying this to discourage you. I want you to know you’re not alone. If this is hard for you, it’s because it’s hard for EVERYONE. Our bodies and brains are wired to eat highly palatable, or more accurately hyper palatable, foods. And guess what? Most of what food science involves these days is engineering foods specifically for hyper palatability, which leads to increased consumption (and increased profits for the big food corporations).

Think of it this way. You don’t lay in bed at night thinking of baked pork loin. Nope. You’re thinking of the half gallon of ice cream or the Little Debbie snack cakes in the pantry (which is why you’ve already cleaned out the pantry and freezer and don’t have any such items in the house).

If you find yourself struggling with this process I want you to think about why you are attempting this change in the first place? Do you have a health condition that you’re trying to improve? Are you overweight? Now imagine yourself at the end of a successful journey. What might you be able to do in a healthy, lean, active, pain free body?

The folks who are the most successful with changing their lifestyle in a significant way have a very clear reason “Why” that is driving their efforts.

What is your “Why?”

Perhaps your “Why” is living long enough to see your young children grown and married with their own children. Perhaps your “Why” is a desire to feel strong and youthful in your body again. Want to travel the world, but don’t have physical capacity to do it? Take some time to really think about what’s is behind your desire to make this change and focus on that when you find yourself in a weak moment. Put a Post it note on the fridge with a word or phrase that defines your “Why”. Heck, put notes and messages anywhere you think it will help. You’ve likely been on this earth for at least a couple decades, probably many more. You know what derails you and you also know what keeps you on track.

Remember: You’re only one meal away from being back on the plan.

You can do this. I did it, countless others have done it, and you can too!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about fat loss and the four things you need to do for success!

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