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Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 7

You made it! Give yourself a pat on the back. Really, DO IT! You’ve earned it. It’s Day 7 and we’ve covered a ton of ground over the last week. You’ve made significant changes and have set the stage for living the life you want to live. You’re now armed with the tools and information […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 6

Today I want to talk about losing fat on a Real Food Challenge or “how to look better naked”. While it’s certainly not the primary goal, a lot of people begin the Real Food Challenge looking to lose at least a few pounds. Over the years one of the most common notes received via private […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 5

How are you doing? Feeling good? Are you getting the hang of this new way of eating? Or maybe you’re feeling discouraged? If you’re having trouble staying on track, remember this: You’re only one meal away from being back on the plan. Please read that last sentence one more time. If you eat something that […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 4

Today we’re going to talk about another big topic — one that has a huge impact on your general health, the amount of body fat you carry, your mood, and your appetite! Are you curious what this mystery topic is yet? Sleep. Yes, SLEEP! Before you dismiss the contents of this message please hear me […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 3

Today we’re going to talk about another big topic that can frequently get the better of us when we’re making a lifestyle change: Eating out! It can be tricky in the beginning, but once you get the hang of what menu items to look for and what questions to ask, you’ll have no trouble navigating […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 2

You’re now a full day in and if you followed the steps in yesterday’s message you’ve cleaned out the pantry and stocked your kitchen for success! Today we’re covering a topic that may or may not be a REALLY big deal for you: Beverages One of the biggest ways folks derail their health is via […]

Real Food Challenge Prepwork Day 1

It’s prepwork time, let’s get started! The first thing we need to do is get your house in order. In other words, it’s time to clean out the pantry, go shopping, and cook! Clean out the pantry (and the fridge and your freezer too!) It’s time for a clean start and that involves a bit […]